Located on Second Street in downtown Hamilton, we fulfill the needs of families and individuals in our community by providing accessibility to affordable pharmacy services.

Being a non-profit pharmacy allows us to provide several cost-saving measures like reduced markup on prescriptions and the ability to work with Doctor's to find the right medication solution for our client's health and budget. We also accept prescription vouchers provided by several non-profit organizations throughout the county.

All individuals are welcome to have their prescriptions filled on a full-service basis. Uninsured and underinsured clients are able to receive the medications they need and insured clients don’t pay any more than they normally would and have the satisfaction of knowing getting their prescriptions filled means others in their community will be helped.

Filling a prescription is more than putting pills in a bottle. Our Pharmacists and technicians prioritize customer service. We take the time to fully understand your pharmaceutical needs and ensure you receive the right solution for your budget and your health.

The non-profit pharmacy difference

The Non-Profit Pharmacy is a new concept and The Community First Pharmacy is the second in the nation to offer all the services of a corner drug store without the high prices for those paying out of pocket. more

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"The pharmacy is a true value to this community as it allows people to have access to vital medications when they otherwise wouldn’t.

The pharmacists are great - they really take the time to understand my situation and work with my doctors to help me save money on medications."

We serve EVERYONE and offer specific advantages to all including:

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